~ We walk together ~

Love For Saskatchewan and
its Holistic Practitioners

I have spent all of my life living in Saskatchewan and have a deep resonance with its energy and the people here. And I know this land and the people who are connected to it, to be powerfully loving and healing.

There is an ancestral wisdom here, that I have never felt anywhere that my feet have landed on. When I travel to other places for training or exploring, and people learn I am from Saskatchewan, they often say something along the lines of, "there are so many good practitioners that come from there, what is it about that place!?" And they are right!

My grandfather was a trapper and hunter and I spent many days with him exploring and learning about the sacredness of the land, the animals and the plants. It was initially him who initiated me and where I began to know that Saskatchewan offered something deeply special. Back then, I didn't really understand it
the way I do now.

Over the last 11 years I have had the pleasure of meeting an abundance of people who serve the Province of Saskatchewan and beyond with their gifts, their medicines, their song and their words. And I have had many a session with some really great people who have helped me on my own path to knowing myself more deeply and ultimately bringing back that little
curious loving girl.

They all come from various backgrounds and professions. They each have something unique to offer our communities and province. I have had the pleasure of receiving from a variety of types Healers, Shamans, Mediums, Astrologers, Breathwork Practitioners,  Relationship Experts, Plant Medicine Practitioners, Elders, Musicians, Artists, Coaches, Teachers, Mentors and many more.

I want to share some of them with you, in hopes that you will be able to experience that thing, or that person, that YOU are in resonance with. And to open you up to the abundance
we have right here.

I will continually add to this list, and it will mostly come from personal experience.

Sometimes all it takes is one word, one simple message from spirit, one musical note, one touch, or one stroke of the brush, and you feel that love that has always been inside of you. 

Love Paula

Three photos that really spoke to me are showcasing just some of the beauty of Saskatchewan, were taken by a local Photographer, Dallas Burnette. I noticed he started during 2020 and fell in love with what he saw and captured. Clink the link below to check out more! 

The Medicine in Saskatchewan
is served by many.
Below are a few, to begin with,
that I have personally experienced.
There are many others!

My intention with this site is to grow it and make a hub for
Saskatchewan Holistic and Spiritual Practitioners and Services.

This is really just a small list of some of the people who I have had personal experiences with.
Just click their picture for more!

Sarah Atcheson
Beyond Body Holistic Wellness Centre

What I love most about Sarah is her love for creating medicine with plants and herbs.  Every time I was in ceremony with her, we made something from plants and it really lit up that inner child and gatherer in me!  

She is a wise one, and communicates messages in a way that the words enter your system and begin to alchemize the release or expansion you need without even knowing you needed it!

She has created a beautiful business and community in Regina where you can find all kinds of curated gift and products, Farmacy produce, books and much more!

Her ceremonies and 1:1 energy work are filled with wisdom that is sure to ignite you!

Check out her space, her passions and services while in the city!

Michelle Moore
Free to BE Healing Room

I am pretty biased when it comes to Michelle, but believe me she's the real deal. Pure Love.

She took a chance on me, and I had the pleasure of spending months with her, guiding her into her medicine and helping her with her own awakening to her truth.

She has continually amazed me with her joy of diving into who she truly is and JUST Being herself.

She has a unique ability to help you JUST BE YOU and she's a bit of a wizard at it ;) Sessions with her are pretty dang special I tell ya! 

Sundance and Karen
Sacred Compass Journey

These two.... ahhhhhhh. What a beautiful combination.

Together, they created "Sacred Compass Journey", and have recently opened up a collective non-profit community in Regina.

They offer a full spectrum of medicines. And my all time favourite is their Gong, Crystal bowls and drum ceremonies.

There is something that the frequency does to my body that penetrates my heart in a way nothing else can, and ultimately activates my true nature.

Every time I experience with them, I leave feeling a deeper connection to my own path of service. It is truly an indescribable experience. So go check it out and see for yourself!

When we come together in service and individuality, we operate at a higher frequency, and create a ripple of love
and alchemy that people all around will feel and benefit from.

There is no one way, no one person, no one belief or way of life that is superior to another.

We are beginning to outgrow hierarchical systems and beliefs that are created under
a foundation of fear and competition.

And I truly believe that the web of practitioners from Saskatchewan is a powerful one.

And each of their individual roles, gifts, services and medicines, are coming together to serve the whole.

This is my contribution to the whole. I have to tell you that I could not put this down when it came to me.  

I adore this province and its energy, and all the medicine and people that are here
to serve from their hearts and souls.

Kristyn Mayer
Soulseed Yoga

This angel is extra special to me because she is my oldest niece.

Her soul is one of the most kind I've ever come across in my life. Her passion for healing both the body and the soul using yoga lights my heart, (and I'm sure many others') right up.

She is often found travelling the world, gathering her own life experience and medicines and when she is home in Oxbow, she offers Yoga classes.

Musician at heart. It is definitely her medicine....this is one of my favourite things about her. Sitting with her, and listening and watching her sing and play her guitar.

She will forever bring me to tears with her pure heart and talent.

If you are ever in the Southeast Corner, definitely check out one of her classes.

I can't wait to see what she brings back from her latest adventure.

Velvette Suteau
Mindset and Fitness Coach


When I think about how I know Velvette to be, it's authentic. She reached out for some coaching a number of years ago now, and since then, I definitely stalk her and all the things she's helping women with!

I have watched her go after all her dreams. And the thing I have loved most, is that even when things got hard in her life, she kept going, she never gave up. In fact, what she did was become even more authentic!

When I look for a coach, I look for the one that is living life real. Who isn't afraid to show all parts of her or himself. And who can sit with you no matter where you are at in your life. This is Velvette. xoxo

Connie Bourns
Joyful Soul Spirit Medium

I met Connie at a ceremony and just knew I would see her again for a "specific" reason. Then, someone close to me passed on in 2021. It is rare that I see a medium but I knew that for some reason this time it was important and that I couldn't do this one myself.

Connie was able to deliver a message so full of love, compassion and accuracy that it allowed me to move forward with peace.

I had been feeling a lot of unanswered things with this friend and he spoke through her with such strength. The messages eased my mind and my heart.

She is a beautiful soul and is expanding her services and I can't wait to see and experience how else she will bring love to this Province and its people.

Terry Wood
Wooden Gate Bioresonance

I was in the depths of sickness with Lyme disease when she was brought to me. And we built an awesome connection learning from one another in our time together.

This frequency therapy was a major player in me getting healthy again.
I would 100% recommend giving this a try if you are struggling with anything at all!

I will forever be grateful for her and her wisdom and service.

I would list all the painful and weird symptoms I had that I no longer have AT ALL, and was told would never go away but I don't have room. One thing that always shook me up was that I couldn't understand what I read anymore and most days I couldn't hold a pen properly to write without massive pain or locking up of my hands.

I was tested for everything under the sun including MS, cancer, celiac, arthritis, and ALL THE THINGS. This is how severe my symptoms were.

But all along it was a nasty virus that had started causing the symptoms.

I spent 1.5 years with this system and I haven't looked back!


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