Human Design

Is a great tool for a better understanding of your energy, inner authority, intuition, aura and truth. Your best and unique to you, decision making process.

For me, it is here to help you take responsibility for your energy and to BE in your Body.

The thing that Human Design has helped me with most is being grounded in my energy, which has so many powerful implications for your growth.

I do Human Design to help you embody your essence. Because I have seen, when you are able to do this with the information you have resonance with, massive shifts occur in your life.

It is NOT a tool for you to use to label or categorize yourself. It is NOT a tool that I am willing to enter into with you, in a way where I  give you a snack and send you on your way.

Sitting with me for 90 minutes is amazing and it isn't enough, I can promise you that!  

If you truly want to use this information to alchemize, transform or embody some aspect of yourself, you need to spend time in experimentation and practice with it.

Here is how we role..... 

We spend 6 weeks together exploring you and your unique energy.

Who are you!? How do you best make decisions? How do other people notice you and feel your energy? What is your emotional energy like?! ALL the things about you!

Three Live 90 Minute Sessions over Zoom, and support in between each session. ASK ME ALL THE QUESTIONS!
One Payment $999
Or three of $333

Everything is recorded and sent to you so you can geek out on it any time!

Session One

Basics of your Design.
Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile.
You spend two weeks in practice with this information, learning to FEEL IT, KNOW IT and embody it.

And by "basics", I mean, these are life changing!

Session Two

After two weeks of your practice, we go into your defined and undefined centres, your potential programming and conditioning of your not self, and where you may be out of alignment.  

You practice more embodiment for two more weeks.

Session Three

We bring it all together with the gates and channels. And how your energy works as a whole system.

After these three sessions, if you wish to go further, we can go EVEN deeper! 

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