If you have an awareness that something in you is asking for a deep upgrade,
you are at the right place!

Three Months

We're going to get a little serious and a lot deep in this one! And you will be so grateful for yourself for it xoxo.

This is where we sift out the distortions of what you think is your reality, values and beliefs. And clean up your mind, emotions, and ways of life that no longer resonate with who you truly are or the life you are currently living.

Embodiment Homework will be a part of your process - which simply means connecting to your body, being in your body. And creating a solid relationship with emotions, thoughts, sensations, energy and intuitive discernment of what is true and what isn't.

There is nothing to figure out. No 5 step plans. No strategies for success. No, checking to see if you do your homework.

I am here to help you stand firmly in being responsible and accountable for where you are and where you want to be. AND I will love you right where you are at.

This takes a level of maturity. And a willingness to commit to yourself.

This is an offer that requires me to get to know you a little 1st, if I don't already. And to see that you are ready to be responsible for where you are at. Some people are and some aren't. Both are A-okay!

Three live calls per month, with communication and support in between calls, as you need.

$999/ Month

I am trained in many things that we may or may not use in these sessions. From A Masters in Neuroscience Coaching to Energetics to Hypnosis and much more.

Reach out to me (Paula) via email paulahaygarth@hotmail.com, to book a 15 min call  so I can get to know you 1st!

Your Pure Medicine
Three Months

This may be my all time favourite offer (shhh don't tell anyone)!! We aren't supposed to have fav's lol!

Most people are overcomplicating the Medicine within them, by looking for countless external sources. Including certificates, books, divination tools, other people and guides. The truth is that, you need none of those things. You need you and pure source.

It is not bad to have any of these things, but where your purest source and greatest power comes from, is within ,
and your connection to, and awareness of, the truth that all things in all places and dimensions are intricately connected. And in service to humanity.

In this three month exploration you will come to understand and embody your truth and universal truth in relationship to energy, frequency and your medicine.

You are already connected to pure frequency and this is how creation wants to work through you. From this space, your medicine activates without the need for external validations.

You come to this space to clean up any distortions you may be carrying around energy, frequencies and your medicine, so that you can be clean in your own frequency and Medicine.

Three live calls per month, with communication and support in between calls.


Reach out to me (Paula) via email paulahaygarth@hotmail.com,  to book a 15 min chat.

Mentor In Your Pocket

Looking for a great way to upgrade your energy knowledge?

All things frequency, energy, dimensions and all the woooo you could ever imagine is the intention of this space!


I am here to answer all your burning questions, curiosities and issues you may be coming across when it comes to energy, spirituality and being a human in a 3D world, while being aware there are other energies "out there" and available to you.

Openness to learning always leads you to awareness, acceptance and ultimately being grounded in your body, while maintaining a connection to pure  energy.

This is an "on going" chat space, where teaching and mentoring are offered through discussions inside the WhatsApp Application, that is downloadable on a smart phone.

This is a more relaxed approach to teaching and mentoring, in that, you can reach out and learn in your own time, AND have a TON of access to a teacher at the same time!

The Mentor in Your pocket allows you to grab your phone, in the very moment curiosity, or a WTF moment arises, without waiting for a scheduled session.

WhatsApp text and voice daily support and guidance.

Monthly Package $444

Reach out to me (Paula) via email paulahaygarth@hotmail.com,

Or private message me on Instagram with the link down below.

~ There is nothing to find outside of yourself ~

You are an extension of creation, which means, you have come from an energetic source that is pure. When you open your body, in a responsible way, to pure energy, all of the programming and distortions you may be carrying in your field, are confronted and alchemized. This is the space that you need to create within your body to feel, alignment, and resonance to truth.

You do not need anyone or anything to save you from your imperfections or fix you. I am not here to fix you, I am here to help you get back into relationship and alignment with your body, your energetic essence, your internal authority, knowings and truth.

We do not seek for external guidance, validation or ego in any of this work. We go internal. To the source.

Responsibility, awareness, acceptance and truth are the requirements in any work you choose to do with me.