Frequency Upgrade Sessions

When you are able clear out anything that is not truly aligned with your frequency, your frequency and DNA evolves.

These sessions are for cleansing energy in your system that is not yours and/or what is out of alignment or resonance with your true frequency. They are also for, reading the energy that is within your physical body that needs to be addressed and adjusted.

These sessions connect to pure energy that cleans things out of you that are not in your highest good, leading to a system upgrade.  Sometimes we just need help, and no one does it the same as I do. Meaning, very different, than anyone else you have experienced (not better, different).

My mission for the last 10 years is to serve people in a way that increases love in the world and creates a ripple effect of healing and energetic upgrades for the entire collective consciousness.

I am committed to this work and to you. And I am here to empower your awareness and awakening.

I also go for sessions when I can sense I need a little extra help. And what I love about having sessions like these, is that, each time they are so different and the energy always manages to find its way into the places I never even knew I needed it.

They are for you if:
You feel blocked in some way, you would like a frequency upgrade, curious about your energy and, are an empath needing guidance acceptance, having physical pain, emotional confusion, spiritual confusion, or you are on your own awakening journey.


How I work -  My Medicine 

The way working with peoples physical bodies and auric fields has always worked for me, is that, either, I feel your physical pain in my body, or sense energetic blocks or distortions in you or around your auric field, and I am magnetically drawn to that part of your body or system.

I immediately connect to bringing source energy to that location, to help what is not meant to be there, to be alchemized and cleared away.

I may or may not use various techniques, like tapping, for example. I listen fully to what your body, your system and your energy requires. I do not RELY on the "how to" of anything I have learned. I fully trust your body and what I am guided to do specifically for you.

There is often a "reason" why it is there, and sometimes we get into this and sometimes we don't. In the moment, if it is meant to be spoken, I will share. If not, I don't. You can ask questions too, I like it when you do!

There is no way of telling what will show up. I have always had, and always will remain in the intention that, whatever you need most for your highest good, will show up. We work in layers and spirals and there is nearly no logic to this!

I do not work with guides. I work with source. The seed of where pure frequency began. The in between, is not where the medicine or guidance in these sessions comes from. Meaning I don't have guides that tell me what you need, your body and source energy do that. I have found that this is the cleanest way, free of ego, to be the medium you most need in your session. 


This is not a quick fix. This is NOT a way for you to avoid or escape responsibility for your life or self. This is an extra dose of love and an injection of an upgraded frequency. A nudge to take the next step. I have seen some "miracles" in these sessions, but it is not "why" I do this or why you should come. Come with an open heart and a willingness to receive what is most meant for you.


Source energy is pure and unaltered. There are no distortions within its frequency, only purity. It has no ego, no agenda and no attachments to your outcome. Therefor, neither do I! In fact, I often forget what goes on in these sessions. Not because I don't care about you, I do! It is because there is zero attachment. 


In person and virtual available
Both are equally successful
30 min $99 CDN
60 min $177  CDN
90 min $222 CDN
Children also accepted for a reduced rate
* Distance/virtual are very powerful. Your mind wants to tell you otherwise. But it is lying to you.

Book Your Sessions Here By Clicking the Link and Privately Messaging Paula
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FYI - I ONLY DO A SELECT FEW OF THESE. I do not have a booking system,
because these are done based on resonance and how I feel our connection is.