Paula Haygarth
Spiritual Mentor & Teacher

Spiritual expansion comes from inside of you. There is no need to go look anywhere, but right where you are. My Spiritual philosophy  is fairly simple.

We all made a choice to come to earth and have a human experience. I think the greatest purpose and gift we are given, is the acceptance of the human experience and humanity itself. There is an immense amount of power in Love.

There is such beauty in humans and the beings of this planet. We have these amazing physical bodies that can take us to profound mystical places if we choose.

If you can set your ego aside and just feel into the true nature of all life on this planet, you would know that, there is no need to reject, or make bad, or save, or try to fix anyone, including yourself. You would also feel that we are all deeply and intricately connected.

And when you are in your human form, your body, you feel it. And you love your physical form and also realize there is much more than just what your eyes can see.

Spiritual expansion, and an ability to evolve and upgrade your frequency and energy  occurs  when you know it is inside of you already.  It doesn't come from rejection of self, it comes from acceptance and responsibility of yourself and relationship with self and others. And a knowing that your soul already knows the way and the truth.

Spiritual expansion comes from; knowing there is an ego,  without demonizing it, cleaning up the distortions you have taken on simply from living a human experience, and knowing that none of that is even bad (it just is). You are capable of so much more than you realize. This is one this I know for certain. You are not separate from anything.

You came here to be in the drivers seat, while knowing there is so much more to your experience than your mind can comprehend.

You are love. It is that simple.

With Love, Paula

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